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Samui Spas: Sunset Beach Spa

Koh Samui Health | End your day at the Sunset Beach Spa

The Sunset Beach Spa of Samui Island is one of the top spa resorts of the Island. Not only do you find a range of spa treatments for you to choose your treatment from, sunset beach resort is located in a beautiful location in Samui Island. Some of the treatments offered in Sunset Beach Spa are the most innovative of the island.

Choose both your spa location and treatment in Sunset Beach Spa

The Sunset Beach Spa is located on Ban Taling Ngam beach, on the unspoilt west coast of Samui Island. Sunset Beach Spa offers you a wide range of locations for your treatments. You can choose from air conditioned suites, open air pavilions and poolside salas, which are decorated in classic and modern Thai styles, on Sunset Beach Spa. The specialty of Sunset Beach Spa is the Sauna World, which alternates between four 'climates' in its different rooms.

The steam room of this world of Sunset Beach Spa is hot and wet while its cold and dry in another room. This is followed with a hot and dry sauna and a warm, acoustic and aromatic room with beautiful smells and soft music. You also find an icy cold dip pool on Sunday beach spa that wakes your senses in between these climates.

Sunset Beach Spa is famous for its Floatation Tank

The Salt-water Floatation Tank with Epsom salts is one of the main attractions of Sunset Beach Spa where you feel completely relaxed with your body suspended in liquid. Your immediate thoughts and worries disappear here, while your skin absorbs the salt nutrients.

It is up to you to choose the best spa package in Sunset Beach Spa; there is also a package with dinner at the resort's L'Ananas restaurant that comes with free transportation anywhere to Samui Island. End your trip to Samui Island with a visit to Sunset Beach Spa.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008