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Samui Spas: Swasana Spa

Koh Samui Health | The Swasana Spa of Samui Island

Swasana Spa of Samui Island is a true boutique spa which may not be the best spa on the Island, or offer the widest choice of treatments. This is a spa that offers top-notch spa services and treatments in a beautiful environment, at reasonable rates.

Looking for reasonably rated spa treatment, visit Swasana Spa

The main attraction to Swasana Spa is its low prices and the fact that it is a brand new spa that had opened last year in the month of March. Swasana Spa is a part of Impiana Samui Resort and Spa of Chaweng Noi. The Swasana Spa is famous for its Tamarind restaurant and its special packages. So you can just envision yourself spending a beautiful day with a special spa package of Swasana that ends with an evening of spa cuisine in Tamarind restaurant.

Not only do you find the regular treatments of Swasana Spa inexpensive; but you will also enjoy its unexpected extra service. Each guest in Swasana Spa is treated to a 20 minute traditional Thai foot bath which is a soothing preparation for what more you will receive from Swasana Spa.

Try out the Detoxifying Massage of Swasana Spa

One of the most enjoyable treatments of Swasana Spa is its Detoxifying Massage which is also therapeutic. This is a one hour treatment with lymphatic drainage massage using lavender oil. Two therapists perform this therapy to detoxify your muscles and lymphatic system to give you healthier skin.

There are many packages and treatments for you to choose from in Swasana Spa. Whichever package or treatment you choose, you are sure to love the areas where you are treated. You have a choice between air-conditioned rooms with ornate décor and fresh air in the spa garden of Swasana Spa, amidst a waterfall and carp-pond.

Avail the free transport facilities of Swasana Spa

There are also double rooms in Swasana Spa for you to share your experience here with a loved one. There is no reason to worry about getting to Swasana Spa as there is free transport that takes you to and from Swasana Spa to anywhere on Samui Island.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008