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Samui Spas: Tamarind Retreat

Koh Samui Health | Why not try out the Tamarind Retreat of Samui Island

The Tamarind Retreat of Samui Island is a beautiful spa resort on Samui Island that helps you relax and rejuvenate yourself with the many spa packages and treatments offered here. Tamarind Retreat is located near a gently sloping mountain and has a cold plunge pool nearby. Relax yourself in the tropical atmosphere of Tamarind Retreat while enjoying a massage, a refreshing herbal drink and repeating it over and over again during your stay here.

Tamarind Retreat offers herbal steam treatment

The professional trained body workers of Tamarind Retreat are competent with a variety of massage techniques which are specially designed to ease aches and pains while relaxing yourself completely. You find the herbal steam treatment of Tamarind Retreat a refreshing experience where the herbs stimulate and invigorate you while the combination of steam and cold water pool plunge energizes and refreshes you.

The relaxation oil massage of Tamarind Retreat is something you have to try when in Samui Island. This is an oil massage using herbal oils with which you can enjoy a smooth, strong and full body massage. The therapists in Tamarind Retreat place special emphasis on the back, neck and shoulders. This relaxation massage of Tamarind Retreat is much less energetic than a traditional Thai massage.

Practice alternative healthcare treatments in Tamarind Retreat

Tamarind Retreat also offers alternative healthcare treatment for you like reiki, yoga, reflexology, hypnotherapy, yoga and myotherapy. If interested, you could go for an invigorating mountain walk or for a quiet beach walk at sunset to relax yourself. All the facilities, but for the locker rooms are unisex in tamarind retreat. The locker rooms are clean, have hot and cold high pressure showers and provides you slippers, shampoo, soap and conditioner.

The Tamarind Café of Tamarind Retreat in Samui Island provides a huge range of herbal teas, fruit shakes, freshly squeezed juices and cold drinks to quench your thirst. Its specialty is the tamarind ginger cooler.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008