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When the sun goes down on Samui Island, that doesn't mean the end of the fun. There are plenty of things for the fun-loving traveler to see and do. The resorts in the area generally put on good entertainment, and for many tourists, this is quite enough night life.

Latest Nightlife Articles

Chaweng Beach: Coco Catmaran

Chaweng Beach nightlife and bars

Last Updated: 11 Mar 2008

Location: Chaweng Beach
It is only when you make a trip to Chaweng Beach, Samui Island will you be able to realize how wonderful and exciting is the nightlife here. This is because there are many venues on Chaweng beach offering not only traditional Thai tunes for your listening pleasure, but also jazz, reggae and... read more.

Bophut Beach nightlife and bars

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008

Location: Bophut Beach
Samui Island is famous for its wild nightlife. However if you are one of those who are not interested in heavy partying and dancing, Bophut beach of Samui island is the place you have to go.... read more.

Nightlife at Big Buddha Beach

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008

Location: Big Buddha Beach
The Big Buddha Beach is the right place to go when in Samui island if you are seeking moderation in the famous nightlife of Samui island. There are many beach bars and hotels found on Big Buddha Beach for you to choose from when in Big Buddha Beach.... read more.

Lamai Beach bars

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008

Location: Lamai Beach
One of the greatest attractions of Samui Island is its nightlife. The different parts of Samui island offers exciting nightlife in the form of night long entertainment, beach parties, beer bars and intoxicating music. Lamai beach falls no far from this picture of nightlife in Samui Island.... read more.

Bophut Beach bars

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008

Location: Bophut Beach
Bophut Beach is one of the many beaches found on Samui island. It is located on the northern coast of Samui island, and is found between Big Buddha and Maenam beach. Though Bophut beach is very much quieter than Chaweng and Lamai beaches there are many beach bars here which is the best choice for those who don'... read more.

Lamai Beach go go bars

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008

Location: Lamai Beach
If you want something special in your bars, then you have to make a visit to the go go bars of Lamai beach. These go go bars are famous watering holes of Lamai beach which are a bit seedy; but entertaining because of the many friendly dancing barmaids you find here.... read more.

Some more bars on Lamai beach

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008

Location: Lamai Beach
Lamai beach, like most localities in Samui Island is famous for the bar and nightlife it brings with it. There are quite a number of bars on Lamai beach, of which one of them is Bauhaus. This bar is found in the center of Lamai beach where you get a free T-shirt with 10 cocktails every Wednesday night.... read more.

Lamai Beach nightlife and bars

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008

Location: Lamai Beach
Lamai Beach is basically not as crowded, or as big as Chaweng beach. However there are lots for you to choose from while in Lamai Beach, both from the main street and the town itself. The nightlife in Lamai Beach is still active where you find many bars to while your evening away. Some of these bars also offer ... read more.

Samui Bar Girls

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008

There are many girl bars that prove to be entertaining to you on Samui Island. However you have to be careful in a girl bar or you may get ripped off while having a supposedly 'happy time' with them. When in the girl bars of Samui Island and you wish to enjoy drinks with girls, remember that drinks bought from ... read more.

Nightlife in Samui

Last Updated: 24 Oct 2007

The party animal is sure to get a shock of their lives upon looking at the nightlife in Samui. This is because the nightlife that Samui offers is something that is least imagined for an island of its size in the middle of Asia. Though Samui is much smaller than Phuket it offers a much more varied nightlife than... read more.