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Nightlife at Big Buddha Beach

Koh Samui Nightlife | Pay a visit to the Big Buddha Beach bars and nightlife

The Big Buddha Beach is the right place to go when in Samui island if you are seeking moderation in the famous nightlife of Samui island. There are many beach bars and hotels found on Big Buddha Beach for you to choose from when in Big Buddha Beach.

Enjoy Scandinavian treats in Big Buddha Beach, Samui Island

The bar Sibelius is run by the husband and wife team of Mikko Vuori and Krista Stockberg. This is the best bar to head for in Big Buddha Beach if you are looking for Scandinavian treats.

You are sure to enjoy the dessert available here like the Deep Fried Camembert with raspberry coulis. All this food is enjoyed in air-conditioned comfort; thus making North Europeans feel more at home while in Big Buddha Beach.

Enjoy the sunset of Big Buddha Beach from the Sunset

The Sunset bar is the best bar to visit when in Big Buddha Beach so that you can view the spectacular sunset of Big Buddha beach. Today this bar attracts backpackers and people on route to or returning from Koh Phangan. You are sure to enjoy the staff that is friendly, mellow and that the music here that is very trendy and played in a chilled house.

If you love jazz, then try out the beach bar Heart and Soul; Samui's first attempt at providing tourists with the groovy sounds of Northern Soul and Jazz. The owner of the bar is Lee Hughes who has a large collection of Jazz CDs, and this is how he gives his clients of Big Buddha Beach a taste of jazz music. You have a long list of cocktails to choose from while listening to this jazz in the bar along with a list of marinated steaks and kebabs you get straight from the grills.

Seniors too have a bar in Big Buddha Beach

The best bar to head for complete relaxation is the Big Buddha café of Big Buddha Beach. This is a place where you find older customers; this is why you get to listen to more of music from the 60's and 70's when here. moreover with families near this area, this is a decent place for relaxation. You can also try out yachting in the daytime here, or charter their own catamaran of Big Buddha Beach.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008