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Koh Samui Nightlife | The famous nightlife of Chaweng Beach
Chaweng Beach

It is only when you make a trip to Chaweng Beach, Samui Island will you be able to realize how wonderful and exciting is the nightlife here. This is because there are many venues on Chaweng beach offering not only traditional Thai tunes for your listening pleasure, but also jazz, reggae and rock. So it does not matter if you intend to dance the night away, or to relax while in Chaweng Beach as there is some form of music for everyone here.

A Mango is the center of nightlife in Chaweng Beach

One of the best places to head to experience the best of Chaweng Beach nightlife is the famous Green Mango Square which is located in the center of Chaweng Beach. This is one of the 'hot nightlife spots' of Chaweng beach where you find numerous naughty bars, and naughtier shows warmly welcoming the curious tourists. Besides this joint, there are many other smaller and counter-style bars which are willing to wait on eager tourists.

The famous Reggae Pub is a place where you find popular live and loud concerts to keep you entertained with nightlife when in Chaweng Beach. This pub is more than 14 years old and is found on a small island, situated in a lake. This lake is found on a back street of Chaweng beach. Those interested in transvestite shows and bars just have to head to the middle of the main street of Chaweng Beach.

If driving to Chaweng Beach's nightlife, drive carefully

If you intend to go driving anywhere to enjoy Chaweng Beach's nightlife, remember that traffic is generally busy when dark. So drive carefully; or if possible, take a taxi when returning to your hotel. This is more important if you have really enjoyed yourself heavily, with the nightlife of Chaweng Beach.

When driving a motorbike remember that under their law, it is necessary to always wear a helmet. This rule is existent even if you find that most of the locals here don't care about the law, and ignore it! Remember that you are the foreigner and visitor on Chaweng beach, which makes it better for officials to overrule you!

Last Updated: 11 Mar 2008

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