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Lamai Beach go go bars

Koh Samui Nightlife | Secret entertainment bars in Lamai beach

If you want something special in your bars, then you have to make a visit to the go go bars of Lamai beach. These go go bars are famous watering holes of Lamai beach which are a bit seedy; but entertaining because of the many friendly dancing barmaids you find here.

Be wary of the girly bars of Lamai Beach

Not many people will like it, but both the main streets of Lamai beach have numerous girly bars which usually consist of a bar and a pole. These scantily dressed women then dance on these bar and pole. So if you go for a walk down Lamai beach's streets, be ready to be beckoned into one of these many bars providing you with cheap beer and pretty ladies.

Though these go go bars have been around for some time in Lamai Beach, there are some new additions to the list of establishments. The latest addition is the bar, Stringfellas found behind Fusion nightclub of Lamai Beach. This bar was constructed in Lamai Beach following its London counterpart where you find not stationary poles, but poles that revolve.

Enjoy live music and a few drinks on Lamai Beach

And to make things interesting in Lamai Beach, you are provided with pounding pop music. However the dancers here look rather bored which is in contrast with the club being completely air conditioned and the latest addition to the skyline of Lamai beach.

Outback bar is a beer bar that offers something special to you; you get to listen to live music played by the band here. The music they play ranges from classic rock tunes to modern numbers. Its architecture resembles an outback saloon where there are no walls but numerous bar stools that make this the best place to sit back and relax during your holiday in Lamai Beach.

The Smooth Pub in Lamai Beach has a cave like appearance which should not put you off sitting in the bar. This is because you are sure to enjoy the live music the house band plays here which you can listen to while enjoying a beer or playing chess on the many boards they have here.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008