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Lamai Beach bars

Koh Samui Nightlife | Take a look at Lamai Beach Nightlife and Bars

One of the greatest attractions of Samui Island is its nightlife. The different parts of Samui island offers exciting nightlife in the form of night long entertainment, beach parties, beer bars and intoxicating music. Lamai beach falls no far from this picture of nightlife in Samui Island.

Lamai beach offers older nightlife than Chaweng Beach

Though Lamai beach is smaller than Chaweng beach, you find that nightlife here is older with the ubiquitous beer bars, music venues, discos, mud wrestling, Thai dancing and weekly Thai lady boxing offered here.

The weekly Thai lady boxing offered in Lamai Beach is very entertaining, and available free of charge at the bar conglomerate found in the east of Lamai. You find lots of foot stomping here at the Bahaus and Club Remix too while you find Thai bands at Angkor which is a big multi-level wood and stone replica of the real thing.

Head to nightclubs on Lamai Beach to get your groove

You have to head to one of the four nightclubs if you want to get your groove while in Lamai beach. All four nightclubs offer pounding beats and disco lights; it is the different music styles ranging from techno to pop music that proves the difference between them. However you have to be ready to listen to the same tune night after night in the bar as if and when Thas love a song, they never get enough of it.

Look out for the outdoor entertainment of Lamai Beach

You are sure to love the bars found on Lamai beach like the Buddy Beer and Shark Bar. These bars are very much similar to its sister bars in Bangkok and are located between Lamai Beach and Chaweng beach. The attraction of Buddy Beer is that it offers you food and drink throughout the night while Shark Bar produces thumping techno sounds till the wee hours of the day.

This is why these two bars are the venues most Thai party goers attend in Lamai Beach. Besides offering you drinks, you can also visit Buddy Beer for its swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Buddy Beer also offers a large outdoor area that is practically lit like a football pitch where there are huge floodlights and loungers where you can chill out during the day in Lamai Beach.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008