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Koh Samui Nightlife | The Thai bar girls on Samui are tempting

There are many girl bars that prove to be entertaining to you on Samui Island. However you have to be careful in a girl bar or you may get ripped off while having a supposedly 'happy time' with them. When in the girl bars of Samui Island and you wish to enjoy drinks with girls, remember that drinks bought from the girls in girl bar are usually charged at a surcharge of the regular price.

Sexy Thai girls from Samui Island may rip you off

This extra money is considered to be a tip to the girl of the girl bar. And if you wish to take a girl out, you have to pay a 'bar fine' to compensate for the girl's responsibilities of the evening in the bar in Samui Island. Then of course, you have to pay for the services provided by the girl of Samui Island.

Take precaution to not fall asleep with your hired playmate from the Samui Island girl bar without safeguarding your valuables lest you end up with all your valuables stolen. Many a times you end up with your wallets and credit cards after a night out with the girl bar girl.

You may get overcharged in a girl bar of Samui Island

When in restaurants, bars or girl bars of Samui Island, be careful of intentional or unintentional overcharging. Hotels in Samui Island may also charge you for items that are apparently missing from the room which were never there when you first came. The best thing to do to avoid being charged for these items would be by taking a quick inventory of all the items found in the room on checking in, and leaving a copy at the front desk.

This way you have proof of the items either being in the room or not being in the room when you check in the room. This will save yourself a prospective rip-off in your hotel when leaving Samui Island.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008