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Koh Samui Overview | Tips to avoid getting ripped off when on Samui Island

Samui Island is an island with a highly developed local infrastructure, offering modern amenities. Visitors from all over the world visit Samui Island for its sporting activities and tourist attractions. However as there is so much tourist money flowing in Samui Island, there are many people out there who try to get their share of the money by illegal means. This is why you have to be alert to prevent getting ripped off while on Samui Island.

You may end up paying a whopping taxi bill in Samui Island

Unlike the rest of Thailand, Samui Island has a slight mafia reputation. There is a taxi mafia on Samui Island; and the only way you can avoid getting ripped off by taxi drivers is by showing some street sense and that you know the average costs of traveling between different destinations of Samui Island.

As most taxi drivers don't operate with meters, it is better that you reach a general figure before using the services. If the driver charges something more than reasonable, it is better to look for another driver. Moreover if the driver of Samui Island is aware that you know the fares, he is discouraged from taking the long route or going round blocks unnecessarily. And when paying taxi drivers of Samui Island, avoid using notes well over the required sum as they may just end up saying they have no change to return to you.

There is always a honest Joe in Samui Island

If you are lucky, you may occasionally get an honest Joe as your taxi driver; and with these taxi drivers you need not worry much about a rip-off. However it is not advisable to go on a package tour of tourist attractions with the taxi driver, if you are not aware about the tourist attractions of Samui Island. You may end up driving around in circles to reach a destination not worth the long drive you had taken.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008