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Big Buddha Temple on Koh Samui

People all around the world today have heard of the famous island of Thailand, Koh Samui. Samui is a tropical island that has charmed visitors since the arrival of the first visitor in 1971. On a visit to Samui, you are sure to relax yourself in this tropical retreat of white sand beaches, limited traffic, a sea that is sapphire blue, scrumptious Thai cuisine and the people of Koh Samui who are unusually warm and friendly.

Lots of entertainment in a small area

Despite being a popular tourist destination, Koh Samui is only 21 kilometers wide at its widest point and 25 kilometers long. The shores of Samui consist of an infinity of palm fringed, white beaches and bays while its interiors consist of forest hills of granite and limestone.

Of all the beaches found in Koh Samui, the most developed, and best beaches are found in Lamai and Chaweng, which are located on the east coast of the island. There is a wide range of accommodation, restaurants and night spots found here to suit the taste of all travelers. There are also some popular beaches found on the north coast of Koh Samui, facing Koh Phangan. These beaches, Bophut and Maenam offer a quieter and gentler holiday experience to the tourist.

Go exploring when in Samui Island

There are enough natural attractions to explore in Samui, which include the coral beds at Tong Takien and Laem Sed, Na Muang waterfalls and the phallic rock formations found at the southern end of Lamai bay. There are also many sister islands worth exploring here like Koh Phangan which is famous for its Full Moon Parties, Ang Thong National Marine Park which is an archipelago of small, untouched islands that have to be explored by sea kayak and Koh Tao, one of the best diving destinations of Thailand.

Taste some of the interesting cuisine of Samui Island

And when you are exhausted with all these activities and exploring, you can enjoy yourself shopping, tasting exquisite cuisine in the best restaurants in Samui and of course, relaxing in one of the many spas and resorts found here. So it can be said that Koh Samui is a holiday destination that caters to people of all ages, budgets and tastes.

The first site of Samui itself will be unforgettable with the large contrast of the tranquil villages found in the palm fringed beaches and the beautiful and famous tropical airport found in Samui. So the moment you arrive in Samui, the beauty of the island, with its relaxed atmosphere will make you come back for more.

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2008

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Koh Samui - Grandfather Stone near Lamai Beach
Koh Samui - Lamai Beach (at Bill Resort)
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Detail from Big Buddha Temple in Samui