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Things to Bring

Koh Samui Overview | Things you need to take for your Samui Island vacation

If you wish to head to Samui Island for a vacation, it is better to head for it only after finding out what products are permitted and necessary on your trip there. Like most countries, Samui Island does not permit the import of illegal drugs, firearms and pornographic material. However you can take a liter of wine or spirits per person, and a maximum of 200 cigarettes to Samui Island.

Travel light when visiting Samui Island

Sufficient clothing is permitted on your trip to Samui Island, along with toiletries and electronic items you need for personal use. You can also take along with you some foreign cash into Samui Island without facing any restriction. When packing your bags, it is better to take along lightweight cotton clothing as this is the most comfortable clothes for Samui Island's tropical climate.

As Samui Island is basically a beach resort, casual clothing is more than sufficient for any occasion, at most venues of the island. Pack shorts, T-shirts and sandals for daywear and casual pants and short sleeve shirts or simple dresses and skirts for nightwear. Of course, you can always dress up in the evening while on Samui Island; but let it be known, this is not at all necessary.

Dress keeping the Thai's ethics in mind

When in Samui Island, respect the Tha´s' opinion against nudity and dress codes in public places by not going nude or topless to beaches for sunbathing. It is also not approved to wear skimpy beach attire, or go shirt-less to restaurants in Samui Island.

You can find most of the equipment you will need to go snorkeling and diving in Samui Island. However you can save on costs of hire by bringing your own snorkeling gear to Samui Island. It is however more convenient to you to hire than bring dive gear like kayaks, boogie boards, etc. If you plan to go hiking while on Samui Island, you have to either bring along a pair of sturdy shoes or sandals or buy them cheaply on Samui Island.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008