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Koh Samui Overview | Is it safe to travel to Samui Island?

Before you actually head for a trip to Samui Island, there are a few points to bear in mind about your safety in Samui Island so that you can enjoy a safe holiday there. One important point to remember that the beaches off Samui Island's west coast can be rather dangerous at certain times of the year.

The tides in Samui Island are unpredictable

This is when the tides and currents on the beach are strong and unpredictable. When on Samui Island during the monsoon months between July to October, be careful when swimming off open beaches, especially in the unpopulated beaches as the beaches are very unpredictable in these periods.

There are many touts in tourist areas of Samui Island selling services or offering assistance. Be very careful of them as though they may not cause you any physical harm, they waste your time and money. If you get interested in something they say, make sure you first inspect what they offer and never feel obligated to anything.

Place all your valuables in your hotel safe when in Samui Island

Always be careful of your valuables when on Samui Island. It is better to keep your travel documents, credit cards, traveler's cheques and money in the hotel safe at all times. Avoid carrying large amounts of money around, and if you have to carry a bag, ensure that it is close to your person so that pick-pockets and drive-by motorcycle thieves of Samui Island don't get tempted to rob you.

Be careful of strangers who may drug you on Samui Island

If you are traveling alone to Samui Island, you have to be especially careful of people who try to befriend you with offers of snacks, drinks and sweets. This is because drugging is on the rise in Samui Island, and if you end up eating something drugged, you may end up losing your valuables and luggage.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008