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Visa requirements to visit Samui Island

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Like all countries across the globe, visitors to Thailand, and Samui Island have to possess valid passports. Tourists who don't have to apply for entry visas must be the nationality of their respective valid passports. It is important that they enter Samui Island using passenger transport like airplanes and sea vessels.

Visit Samui Island with a fully paid return ticket

When entering Samui Island, you have to have a fully paid ticket for you to leave the island at the end of your trip. If you bring your own vehicles to Samui island, it is important that you bring along documentary evidence of the vehicle too. When applying for a visa to Samui Island, the application has to be accompanied by a photograph and its associated fees. However today visitors from some countries can visit Thailand for a maximum of 30 days, without a visa. Find out if you need a visa by visiting your nearest Thai consulate.

State the number of days you plan to stay on Samui Island when applying for a visa

If you need to have a visa to visit Samui Island, make sure you note the number of days you are allowed to stay on Samui Island. the transit visa of Samui Island lets you stay for 30 days, the tourist visa permits a 60 day stay while a non-immigrant visa lets you stay for 90 days. If you happen to overstay in Samui Island, you will have to pay a fine of 200 baht for each extra day.

You can however apply for an extension on your visa at the Immigration office. This facility is at a fee of 1,900 baht. You also have to pay 1,900 baht for an application for a re-entry permit. There is no application or fee required for an exit visa from Samui Island.

There is no need of any inoculations or vaccinations to visit Samui Island, unless you come from a contaminated area. However you need to produce yellow fever certificates if you come from Bolivia, Mali, Nigeria, Suddan, Zaire, Columbia, Brazil, Peru, Guinea, Ghana, Gambia, Angola, Barkina Faso and Mauritania and intend to visit Samui Island.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008