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Timeshare Rip-offs

Koh Samui Realestate | Investing in timeshares are prospective rip-offs in Samui Is

Samui Island is such a beautiful island offering many activities and tourist attractions to keep you busy while on the island that you tend to want to make repeated visits in the future. When making repeated visits to Samui Island, you tend to wish, or find it better for you to invest in timeshares instead of having to stay in hotels every time you visit Samui Island.

Use the help of English speaking lawyers when investing in Samui Island

If you are interested in investing in a holiday or retirement home or a timeshare in Samui Island, it is better for you to do it with the help of an English speaking lawyer you choose, and not one recommended by real estate agents of Samui Island. You are sure to be bombarded by many real estate agents while investing; however proceed with caution by checking on the credentials of the timeshare, the company he or she represents and have a look at the investment you intend to make.

Make sure your lawyer goes through the papers and okays them before you sign your name and part with your money. you, as a tourist are vulnerable in Samui Island as land-ownership laws in Thailand are more in favor to natives than tourists. There are many scams around that make use of these laws.

The tourist police booths will help you if ripped

If in case you do get ripped off when in Samui Island, you can approach one of the many tourist police booths found around the island. These police booths value the safety of tourists to Samui Island; so you can confidently make a fuss of your rip-off. However the police here do tend to take their own interests into mind on some occasions by accepting bribes from suspects. It all depends on your luck on the type of policeman who answers to your call while in Samui Island.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008