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Koh Samui Restaurants | Samui island: learn to cook Thai food

If you are a lover of Thai cuisine, when you are in Samui Island you not only have to visit the many beaches and temples found on Samui Island but also take one of the many Thai cooking classes found here. SITCA offers one of the best Thai cooking classes on Samui Island which are not only comprehensive, but also enjoyable.

You are sure to enjoy Thai cooking classes while on Samui Island

The chefs found in SITCA are experts in Thai cooking having many years of cooking experience. So on joining these Thai cooking classes of Samui Island, you are sure to learn skills in cooking one of Asian's best cuisines. People who are interested in learning more about Thai food dishes should also attend Thai cooking classes in Samui Island.

In fact, anyone can join a Thai cooking class in Samui Island as their levels are small and cater to the individual needs of their students. When you attend Thai cooking classes in Samui Island, you get to learn how to prepare some of Thai specialties like tom yam soup and red curry with chicken.

Most restaurants of Samui Island have Thai cooking classes

Many restaurants across Samui Island are now revealing the secrets associated with their cooking in their Thai cooking classes. These Thai cooking classes usually last two hours and cost about 900 bahts which includes lunch for two people. in addition to Thai cooking classes, fruit and vegetable carving lessons too are very popular in Samui Island. If you join these classes, you have to be ready to pay about 3,000 baht for its instructional booklets and carving tools.

Thai cooking classes in SITCA on Samui Island are conducted in a modern, air-conditioned facility where each student has their own burners at the stove and whatever is needed for a complete hands-on experience. On completion of the classes, you will be given a souvenir apron with a cook booklet to make notes and keep.

You enjoy the food you cook during Thai cooking classes of Samui Island

You are given suggestions for ingredients which may not be available where you live. On completing the meal, you get to eat your food in their dining room where you get to invite a friend over for the meal, at no charge.

Last Updated: 24 Oct 2007