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Food safety when dining out

Koh Samui Restaurants | Tips to follow while eating food on Samui Island

The cuisine in Samui Island is rather tempting with the variety of food you can get to taste and eat while on the island. There are many hotels and restaurants you can visit to have a taste of the cuisine of Samui Island.

Samui Island is famous not only for the many tourist attractions that it offers, but also because you can find all types of food and cuisine in the different beaches and roads of Samui Island. You can get a plate of fried rice on a street cart on one street and a lavish buffet on the beach, just round the corner.

Be careful when eating in mobile stalls of Samui Island

However when you go out to eat food in Samui Island, you have to use your common sense and intuition in choosing what to eat, and where to eat. Of course, eating in the hotels and well-established restaurants of Samui Island is seldom a problem. However many places in Samui Island don't follow the best standards of hygiene.

So be careful eating food in open air markets and mobile stalls. If you want to eat hawker food in Samui Island, it is better to eat freshly cooked items and avoid food that has been sitting around for some time in the stall.

Prefer buying and eating fresh fruits in Samui Island

If you want to buy and eat fresh fruits in Samui Island, it is better to choose something that has its skin on, and is not lying in icy water. Never drink the local water of Samui Island; drink only bottled water which is available all over Samui Island and is rather cheap. Always wash your hands before eating.

Communication in Samui Island should not be much of a problem to you as Samui Island is an international tourist destination where most of the people involved with the tourist industry speak English well.

Communication is basically easy in Samui Island

Basically you will enjoy communication with people of Samui Island; it is only with the most hardened workers of the industry that you may find difficulty in communication with. Of course, it is very unlikely that you will have much communication with such people in Samui Island.

You find international cuisine in Samui Island

You have a large option of non-veg and veg food in restaurants to visit while on Samui Island. And with the establishment of the modern Culinary Institute that was started in 1998, tourists get to view cooking demonstrations of local cuisine in some of the largest hotels of Samui Island.

The international community of entrepreneur restaurateurs has brought cuisine from all parts of the world like India, Switzerland and Mexico in almost villages of Samui Island. There are bakeries and ice-cream parlors serving excellent food around the island. You can also try eating food in one of the outdoor evening markets of Samui Island serving authentic and spicy Thai food.

Choose seafood wisely in Samui Island

Most of the restaurants and food vendors of Samui Island serve safe bottled drinking water and clean, factory made ice cubes. Though vegetables are washed under tap water, they are safe to eat when cooked. However avoid eating raw vegetable food at all times.

As seafood is displayed on ice for customers to choose from, it is important that you choose fish with bright and not cloudy eyes and have a bright crimson color under the gills. Make sure the fish is firm to the touch and always smell shellfish for freshness before choosing it.

Reach your buffet destination of Samui Island on time

If you intend to go for a buffet on Samui Island, make sure you get there early. This is because the longer the food is exposed; the easier it is for it to get contaminated.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008