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The Hin Ta and Hin Yai, or the grandmother and grandfather rocks as they are better known, are a must see when on a trip to Lamai Beach. However there is a secret located here that not everyone knows about; the Thai restaurant Sabai Inglae.

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Sabai Inglae is found on Lamai Beach where they have tables both in the restaurant and on the beach. This restaurant is very popular amongst the locals of Lamai Beach; and if the locals like a place, then you will be able to gather how good the food here is.

This restaurant of Lamai Beach not only offers delicious food that is cooked using local and fresh ingredients, the staff is very attentive and provides great service to its customers. The specialties of Sabai Inglae on Lamai Beach are sour and spicy fish soup and king prawns in tamarind sauce. Then of course there are the daily seafood specialties of Lamai Beach you can choose from.

Salathai restaurant of Lamai Beach offers reasonably priced food

Salathai restaurant is very famous in Samui Island; however the Salathai found on the main street of Lamai Beach is something extraordinary. With classic décor making the atmosphere here very relaxing, people tend to visit Salathai on Lamai beach repeatedly is for the excellent food it serves.

The food served here in Lamai Beach is not only delicious; it is also available at a reasonable price, and is very presentable if you consider the variety of European and Thai food that it serves. In addition to this, Salathai also offers an extensive selection of fresh seafood and wines that suits everyone's budget in Lamai Beach.

The service offered in Salathai is great, where you find that the waiters and staff are pleasant to you. Their service to you does not change with the demands of other customers. The dishes you have to try when in Salathai restaurant of Lamai Beach are its Salathai signature steak and the steamed sole in lemon sauce and butter rice.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008