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Koh Samui Restaurants | Dining out in Lamai Beach

It is difficult to imagine that Lamai Beach was once a place with better bars and restaurants than those found in Chaweng beach. Now it is laid back by Chaweng beach; wherein new places like Sub Club and its sister bar Fusion now leads Lamai Beach back into fashion.

Chill-In is a special bar in Lamai Beach

There are many places for you to visit when on a visit to Lamai Beach. You are sure to find a joint in Lamai Beach that suits your taste buds. The Chill-In beach bar and restaurant is a new comer on the face of Lamai Beach and is now a favorite to everyone. Like its name, Chill-In is a very relaxing place where you can sit anywhere you feel comfortable enough.

There is an international chef working here; Chef Carsten who has whipped up an elite menu emphasizing on Mediterranean food which are all available at a reasonable prices on Lamai beach.

A favorite amongst locals and foreigners on Lamai Beach is the chicken Balsamico salad which is not only delicious, but also light. In addition to this Mediterranean food, Chill-In also serves some Thai food along with cocktails and drinks.

Go-Wat is popular with both Tha´s and westerners

One of the favorite restaurants on Lamai Beach is Go Wat. This is a restaurant that is popular with both Thai and westerners. The restaurant is found near Lamai market, and offers different Thai dishes ranging from eye-watering curries to seafood freshly cooked in different dishes.

Go Wat offers its food at extremely competitive prices and the only disadvantage with the restaurant is its irregular timings. This restaurant is open only some days and closed on others for no reason at all. However this erratic opening of the restaurant does not reduce the number of customers it receives as it is always full on opening. So if you see Go Wat open if and when you drive past it while on Lamai Beach, don't forget to grab the opportunity to sit down where possible.

Long Island of Lamai Beach has a long list of drinks to offer

Long Island is a restaurant found on Lamai Beach, Samui Island that the hi-fi lot of Thai nationals like visiting. This is a beachside restaurant and bar that has a Mediterranean structure. Not only do you find exotic Thai dishes in the menu, but you also find a great range of sandwiches, salads and tit-bits.

The greatest attraction of Long Island on Lamai Beach is its list of drinks it offers. You not only get the normal drinks here, but also the best cocktails you can think of. You can also find the European favorite cocktail, the Sea Breeze here in Lamai Beach. As it is difficult to get cranberry juice anywhere else in Thailand, this cocktail is seldom seen anywhere else on Samui Island than on Lamai Beach.

Lamai beach has restaurants serving a combination of worldwide cuisine

Another wonderful place to go for delicious food in Lamai Beach is the restaurant Tawann restaurant. This restaurant is found in the Renaissance Koh Samui Resort and Spa on Lamai Beach where hi-fi locals and foreigners love visiting. It is better to reach this restaurant before sunset so that you can enjoy drinking on the terrace of the resort from where you get a stunning view.

The food available here in Lamai Beach is a wonderful combination of cuisine from the Thai and French, Spanish and Italian classics. You find dishes like Tortilla Espanola, Palma Ham Salad, Vichyssoise Soup and Croque Madame and Asparagus which have to be eaten to realize their taste.

In addition to this, you also find some wonderful and exotic items for you to try like Roasted Fillet of Red Snapper, Provencal Beef Tenderloin and Baby Fennel. So if you stay in the locality of this restaurant while on your trip to Lamai Beach, do make a visit to this restaurant.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008