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It is a known fact that Maenam beach on Samui Island is a pretty and quiet beach which is perfect for the perfect relaxing holiday. You can spend your holidays relaxing on the beach, while enjoying the food served in the many restaurants found here. These restaurants are varied in their price range, where you are sure to find something to suit all your budgets.

Maenam Beach offers you a range of cuisine to choose from

The basic dining and restaurant scene of Maenam beach is small; but you have a good choice of cuisine to choose from. You find international cuisine and all types of Thai food here like noodle soup stalls and royal Thai dishes. So if you want to just grab a quick bite, or are planning a posh evening out, you are sure to find something on Maenam beach.

Angela's bakery is worth a visit if you want delicious bakery products. This bakery has been on Maenam beach for ten years and serves delicacies like homemade Belgian chocolates to wedding cakes.

Maenam beach offers scrumptious breakfasts

You have to try out the breakfasts offered here in Maenam beach as they are the right things for your breakfast after a hard night of partying. There are also delicious sandwiches and salads you can choose from here on Maenam beach, in addition to takeaways and using its catering services.

When on Maenam beach, a place worth visiting for simple and yummy food is Eddy's modern food and drinks. This is a joint that finds recognition and recommendation in the Rough Guide to Thailand because of its value for money and friendly staff. Though this joint does not offer a 5-star dining experience during your Maenam beach trip, its menu consists of numerous well loved dishes.

So if you are on the lookout for a casual meal in comfortable surroundings, don't forget to make a visit to Eddy's Modern Food and Drinks when in Maenam beach.

You never go hungry when on Maenam Beach

Maenam beach is a place on Samui Island that is comparatively less crowded and noisy than other parts of Samui Island. You are also never going to go hungry while on Maenam island as there are many places you can turn to when hungry while on Maenam beach.

Food stop is a joint owned by Lek Boonyawut which serves Thai, international and Italian cuisine. It is because Lek had spent 20 years in Turin, Italy running her own restaurant that she could introduce Italian food in her restaurant in Maenam beach on returning from Italy.

The pasta in some Maenam Beach restaurants is scrumptious

When you taste the pasta sold here, you are sure to highly recommend these dishes in this restaurant of Maenam beach to friends and relatives. The best way of enjoying the food offered here is by sitting in the pleasant garden during a warm evening, while enjoying a glass of beer or two.

The La Tratoria restaurant is found on the main ring road of Maenam beach, serving delicious Italian foods at reasonable prices. This is a simple and classic restaurant offering a relaxing atmosphere with a large wine list complementing its extensive menu. Don't forget to eat the lasagna offered here as it is wonderful example of traditional Italian cooking on Maenam beach.

Taste the Riveria on Maenam Beach

If you want to have a taste of the Riveria on Samui Island, then Roma at Paradise Beach Resort is the place to visit on Maenam beach. You find wonderful leaning treats here, in addition to classic fare. And to top it all, you have a fine Italian wine list that matches the food served here.

The Santiburi Dusit Resort of Maenam beach offers the Sala Thai that is found in a lush, tropical garden. You are served the finest of royal Thai cuisine, with delicate European flavors when in Maenam beach. In fact, you find dishes that cannot be found elsewhere on Maenam beach here worth sampling. To add to the experience found here on Maenam beach, you find immaculate service, Thai music and low-key lighting.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008