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Somtum Restaurant in Lamai Beach

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Lamai Beach offers not only unlimited activities to keep you active while on the beach, it also offers restaurants serving an unpalatable range of cuisine and dishes that is sure to satisfy your taste buds. One of the less recognized, but splendous restaurants on Lamai Beach is Somtum.

Papaya salad is famous in Lamai Beach

Somtum is a tiny restaurant on Lamai Beach Somtum is not actually its name. However this should not be a factor that stops you from visiting the restaurant. Somtum is located on Lamai Beach, and is the best place to visit to taste Thailand's famous Somtum or papaya salad. This is a really small restaurant in Lamai Beach with limited furniture dispersed around the beach.

The cooking for this restaurant is not done on a stove like most restaurants, but on a small barbecue. But despite all this, the resulting food is scrumptious. And if you find that the tables are not free, you can always move to another famous joint of Lamai Beach, the Chill-In. however you will have to buy a drink here to eat Somtum's food here.

The Lamai Institution of Lamai Beach is a family run restaurant

There is a family run restaurant found on Lamai Beach, the Lamai Institution. This Lamai Institution has two branches in addition to the original restaurant, the Lamai food center. This restaurant in Lamai Beach offers an extensive menu which offers delicious fresh seafood dishes and practically all the Thai dishes you can think of. When in Lamai food center, make sure you try out the Sri Nuan's spicy tom yum soup or their massaman curry.

If you want to spend a lazy and sunny afternoon just relaxing, drinking and eating in Lamai Beach, then the Cliff Bar and Grill is the best place to go. This restaurant is found on the route to Chaweng beach from Lamai beach and offers great sea views which are not possible anywhere else on Samui Island. The Cliff Bar and Grill restaurant of Lamai Beach is split into different parts for a restaurant and bar and serves delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

The menu here consists of dishes like Ameijoas a' Bulhao Pato (a dish of clams in white wine sauce) where portions of these dishes are large. There is usually a continuous flow of chill tunes of music to add to the relaxing atmosphere of the restaurant. However if you are lucky when you are in Lamai Beach, you may get to see guest DJs who may visit the joint, or get to listen to the traditional Latino grooves.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008