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Souvenir shopping in Chaweng Beach

Koh Samui Shopping | You will find whatever you want when you go shopping on Chaw

While shopping along the stores of Chaweng Beach, you are sure to find lots of vendors selling a variety of things ranging from imitation sunglasses to watches and bags from Louis Vuttion. And if you are a CD or DVD freak who goes shopping for the latest CDs and DVDs from the latest groups and movies, you are sure to have a great time shopping for what you want from the range of CDs and DVDs sold in Chaweng beach.

The rates for these CDs and DVDs, and video game CDs in Chaweng beach are all available at amazingly cheap prices. However be aware when shopping for these CDs as some of them are shot with a camera directly in a movie theater. Moreover, it is against a law buying such CDs as they are all pirated CDs; it is left to you to decide whether or not to buy these CDs in Chaweng beach.

Find all types of Thai handicrafts in Chaweng Beach

There are also many handicrafts and fashion stores found in trendy shops in Chaweng Beach that provide you with hours of window shopping fun. In fact, you find a 3 storey store on the southern end of Chaweng Beach that has all the types of Thai handicrafts you could imagine.

Chaweng beach has recently grown famous for its foot massages which are a great means of relaxing after a day of continuous walking and shopping. There are foot massage shops found every 50 meters of Chaweng beach.

Like most parts of Thailand, there are numerous tailor shops cropping in different parts of Chaweng Beach. These stores are usually run by Indian people where you can have an Armani suit or a Channel dress ready for you in a matter of 24 hours. . However it is better to approach them while expecting to get it completed within 48 hours in case any adjustments have to be made if you are not happy with the first result produced to you.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008