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Koh Samui Shopping | Explore the beauty of Lamai Beach shopping

When in Lamai Beach, you are sure to have a need of doing some shopping for souvenirs and mementos to take back home to near and dear ones. There are many stores in Lamai Beach that cater to shopping needs, and also offer things you need for your everyday use. When compared to Chaweng beach, Lamai Beach offers a much smaller shopping zone. So though this may imply a limited choice for you, there are still sufficient stores to keep you busy with shopping.

Lamai Beach offers goods at much lower rates than in Chaweng Beach

There is an added advantage to shopping in Lamai Beach; its prices are much lower than those in Chaweng beach, where there is less of the hard sell. You also find many stores on Lamai Beach that offer you individual and unusual items that act as your perfect gift while shopping for your friends.

Entering the store Mr. Samui's, or BanSoi Gemstones of Lamai Beach, you will feel like you are entering Aladdin's cave. This is because you find gold, gems, trinkets, ornaments, silver and scarves practically in all the nooks and corners of the store to satisfy your shopping urge in Lamai Beach.

Order for personalized jewelry on Lamai Beach

If you want, you can also have your own design made to order in Lamai Beach, and then pick it up a few days before leaving back home. If you end up tired after browsing through the store, you can always take a break and relax on the many Thai style floor cushions placed in the store. You can relax on the cushions, while enjoying a drink and eating some snacks too.

Another store famous for its jewelry is the Dream Catcher in Lamai Beach. This store is located near Hin Ta and Hin Yai of Lamai Beach. As it is the owner and jeweler Pin who handicrafts all the jewelry found in this store, you can always get him to create something from your own ideas. This will help you create something special to remember Lamai Beach better with.

DreamCatcher is the place to go if you want silver jewelry that is embedded with precious gems like amber, turquoise and island shells. In addition to jewelry, DreamCatcher is also famous for the gorgeous leather bags, studded with turquoise stones they sell. You can buy these items both as a gift, or as a treat on yourself during your Samui trip.

Jewelry from Lamai beach: Lamai Beach boasts of stores selling exquisite jewelry

One of the best memoirs to take home from Lamai beach is the varied types of jewelry you find here. One of the many stores selling exotic jewelry on Lamai Beach is the store; Exotica Boutique.

Exotica Boutique of Lamai Beach is a store that is owned, and run by the jewelry designer, Sumetta Sangouthai. This is the best place to visit if you need top quality and unique jewelry to take home of your visit to Lamai Beach.

The range of jewelry available here includes a range of eye-catching stones and settings in bracelets, necklaces and earrings. These jewelry are available for as little as 700 Baht. In addition to jewelry, this store of Lamai Beach also sells colorful Chiang Rai bags with stunning, but limited edition hand tinted photos from the Samui based photographer, Claudio Cerquetti.

Ginger is a boutique in Lamai Beach that had opened recently, in the year 2006. This is a store in Lamai Beach that offers a wide selection of clothes, jewelry and trinkets for you to choose your souvenir from.

Lamai Beach has a haven for book lovers

If you are a book lover, Lamai beach also has some book shops worth a visit. Island books are one of the best second hand book stores on Samui Island. The owner, Paul is very particular about the quality of books he sells on the store. So there is no need of worrying about the guarantee of the book you buy from the store.

Island Books is a well organized store in Lamai Beach that is easily navigated. And if you need any advice on the right books to buy, Paul is always there to help you in the matter. Island Books on Lamai beach offers a range of books in French, German, French and some books of different languages. It is up to you to decide whether to buy or rent a book; and if you have any old book to sell, Paul is always ready to buy them.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008