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Ideas for shopping in Maenam beach

Koh Samui Shopping | Maenam Beach shopping for furniture and handicrafts

Maenam beach of Samui Island is more a residential area than a shopping hub. However there are some great shops found amongst the many cafes and restaurants found on Maenam beach.

Do some furniture shopping while on Maenam Beach

These stores sell mostly teak and Asian style furniture, which are quite well established. So you can approach them for advice for the shipping of the furniture you buy back home. The international shipping services found here in Maenam beach stores are rather reasonably priced.

One of the more famous places for shopping of furniture in Maenam beach is the store Beautiful World. Beautiful World on Maenam beach offers a large range of high quality rosewood, mahogany, teak and water hyacinth furniture for your shopping of furniture. This store of Maenam beach concentrates on the export market where its owner, Carl Graham provides the guarantee of you saving about 40 to 50% off the rates you would pay for buying similar products in Europe.

Maenam Beach also has handicrafts to offer to you

The furniture in this Maenam beach store includes wardrobes, cabinets, chairs, beds, tables, carvings and picture frames. They are all created from fully certified sustainable sources, which is very much unlike most of the other wood products available on Maenam Beach. Other wood products manufactured here come from logged rainforests in Burma that are illegally logged.

If you are interested in shopping for handicrafts, then Benjavadee is the place to visit on Maenam beach. You find the largest selection of handicrafts, furniture and hardware of the island in this store. The handicrafts found here include Buddha statues, rattan mats, ceramics, china tea services, and coconut wood bowls to handbags, picture frames and jewelry.

All these products are placed on sale over two shopping floors and are aimed to caring to the needs of the expats on Maenam beach. In addition to handicrafts, you also find larger items for your shopping needs like beds, wardrobes and dining tables.

Java teak furniture found on Maenam beach

If you want to buy luxurious furniture at reasonable prices, Maenam beach of Samui Island is the place you have to go to. There are many stores on Maenam beach selling exquisite furniture for you to choose your furniture from; where one of them is the store, Java Teak.

Java Teak is a furniture store on Maenam beach that concentrates on catering to the luxurious furniture needs of ex-pats. The prices of the furniture here are so reasonably priced that even if you add the additional shipping costs to it, you find that this furniture on Maenam beach is much cheaper than the furniture you find in the west. This is why it is a good idea to consider buying this furniture at least as a souvenir from Maenam beach on returning home.

Buy some ceramics on Maenam Beach

Though you may find more than sixty pieces of handmade furniture in this Maenam beach store at any given time, there is a more than a thousand pieces for you to choose from in their catalogue. You can choose from small chests, planter chairs, ornate four poster beds and other types of furniture here in Maenam beach.

Samui Cera is a store on Maenam beach that offers a huge range of quality ceramics supplied to tops hotels found on Samui Island. There are two outlets in Samui Island, where one is on Maenam beach and the other on Chaweng beach. The range of products available here in Maenam beach includes cups, mugs, bowls and plates and larger items like sinks and vases. These products are fired at 1250 degrees and are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.

The items are found in numerous designs and colors where its base tone is got from coconut wood ash that is mixed with clay. This is to provide a rich and earthy finish to the products. if you are interested, you can watch these potters in Maenam beach in action making you your own pot.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008