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Koh Samui Shopping | Avoid rip-offs when shopping in Samui Island

When shopping in Samui Island, it is important that you keep your wits about you, lest you end up paying much more than required for goods bought at the many market stalls and shops of Samui Island which have no fixed prices. You have to be especially clever when shopping at the popular night market located at Chaweng Beach.

Compare rates when shopping in Samui Island

The best thing you could do to avoid getting ripped of when shopping is to shop around for a while to get an idea of the rates offered by other vendors. If you have a Thai friend, it proves to be better for you as your friend can do the bargaining. Most of the stalls on Samui Island have different rates for Thai residents and foreigners.

When shopping for a product in Samui Island, make sure you have seen and touched the product yourself. You may end up paying for a product, but receiving a different item altogether from the store. It is also safer and better for you to accept responsibility of the shipment of heavy or cumbersome shopping yourself.

Beware of credit card theft in Samui Island

This ensures that you receive whatever shopping you had purchased in Samui Island on returning home. There are also some shipping services in Samui Island that also never send your product to your shipping address.

Another problem you are sure to face while in Samui Island is the theft of your credit card details while shopping. It is better to avoid paying for purchases using your credit cards; instead use ATMs on Samui Island and thus pay by cash. However if you have to use your credit card, choose a respectable establishment where you have your eyes on the card during the transaction.

Don't attempt to check your account details online, from internet cafes in Samui Island. This is too risky. Instead, check on your account transactions immediately on returning to rule out any foul play.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008