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Best transportation in Chaweng Beach

Koh Samui Transport | Use the songtaew for transportation in Chaweng Beach

When in Chaweng beach, Samui island, the best form of transportation is not a car or a bike, but to use a songtaew. This is a dark red pick up that is covered and hoots every ten meters. The price for a trip on the songtaew depends on the mood of the driver. However the average cost is about 20 bahts per person, for a trip within the Chaweng beach area.

There are also many motorbike taxis available here which you can recognize by the colored jackets the drivers wear. A trip on a bike costs about 10 - 20 B, depending on the distance of the trip you make. There are many car rental agencies found in Chaweng Beach, Samui island that offer cars of different makes and models for your transportation purposes.

It's not easy driving and parking in Chaweng Beach

However if you decide to rent a car, and are not familiar with the Thai form of driving, you will soon find out that driving and parking here in Chaweng Beach proves to be much more difficult than in your home town. Comparatively, renting motorbikes prove to be the more convenient and better means of transportation around Chaweng beach. However driving the bike without care makes it a very dangerous mode of transportation too.

When driving bikes in Chaweng Beach, Samui island, you have to ensure that you have your driver's license with you at all times and that you wear a helmet. This is because lots of bike accidents take place in Chaweng beach. The motorbike and car rentals found in tourist areas usually charge somewhere about 150 B/day for a bike to 1,000 B for a car.

There are also big bikes available for hire, for your transportation in Chaweng Beach; however it is only the experienced riders who have to think about hiring these bikes because of the dangerous driving conditions of Chaweng beach. The prices for the rentals of these bikes depend on its model, and your bargaining skills.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008