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Driving on Koh Samui

Koh Samui Transport | Getting around Samui Island

The main road of Samui Island is about 50 km long, and provides connectivity between beaches and the town center of Samui island. Of course, there are side roads that lead from the main road to smaller villages and towns of Samui Island. you are sure to find it easy to get around in Samui Island as all the roads lead to the beach.

It is impossible to go speeding in Samui Island

Don't expect to find a highway or expressway on Samui Island. this is because there is only one main road here along the coast, around the island. there is also another road found crossing the southern part of Samui Island. however these roads are paved and in more or less good condition but you can't go much faster than 60 km/h here. so you are sure to enjoy a drive along the coast as people in Samui island don't actually horn much.

Renting vehicles in Samui Island with an international driver's license

If you wish to rent a car here, you should have an international driver's license and wear a helmet when riding a motorbike. Avoid getting involved in accidents as rules in your land may not match the road laws of Samui Island. like people on Samui Island tend to make turns without signaling, and there are many people who drive without headlights. So if you are not alert, you may find it rather difficult driving in Samui Island. and always be aware of dogs and loose gravel on the roads, especially after dark.

You will basically need only 2-3 hours to tour Samui Island. the length of the ride depends on how many stops you make on your way. Most of the beaches of Samui Island are accessed through hotels; however there are no private beaches in Samui. This means you can visit beaches here without any permission.

Tour Samui Island leisurely by renting cars and bikes

Instead of using public transport on Samui Island, you can rent cars and bikes to tour the island at your leisure. You may find renting a car the best option to make while traveling in Samui Island. this makes it convenient for you to explore the many interesting sites Samui Island has to offer to you. the most common, but dangerous mode of transport of Samui Island is with a moped. You can rent a moped for about 120 to 150 baht per day.

If you intend to rent a car, it will cost between 800 to 2000 baht, depending on the car, whether it has insurance and if the rent includes gas costs. As the condition of the vehicle in Samui Island may vary, it is not always advisable to choose the cheapest car. though your Samui Island may arrange the rental and delivery of a car for you, it is always better that you check the vehicle for dents, which may be charged to you later.

Re-fuelling your vehicle is easy in Samui Island

You won't find it difficult to find fuel for your vehicle as there are modern petrol stations and roadside stands providing you with fuel across Samui Island. even if you get a flat tire, there is no need of panicking as you are sure to find someone within 100 meters who will either repair it for you or knows someone who can repair it for you. this will take about 30 minutes to be done, and cost you about 50 -100 baht depending on what has to be replaced, and when you had it repaired.

You can rent off-road dirt motorbikes or road bikes around Samui Island, which cost about 500 baht per day. However as some renters don't permit you to take them to the hills; it really defeats the purpose of renting the bike!

Use a jeep to explore the hillside and attractions of Samui Island

You can rent a jeep to travel across Samui Island to visit hillside natural and man-made attractions. If you are the adventurous type, you could consider taking the jeep for off-road driving by heading into the mountains with it. on reaching the tips of the mountains, you will be provided with spectacular views of Samui island and the neighboring islands.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008