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Other parts of the world have long stretches of cold, dark dreary months, but on Koh Samui it is always warm, and the sun is never gone for long. The temperature generally stays between 22 and 34 Celsius no matter where on the island you go.

Koh Samui Weather Radar

Real time Koh Samui weather radar images showing current weather activity on and around the island. It's ideal for planning a day at the beach or a morning of golf. Cloud formations are coloured depending on how much rain they contain. Green indicates a light to mid shower but anything yellow and above will be a significant amount of rain.

Because it is animated in real time you don't see into the future but you can see clouds or storms as they travel Koh Samui from 120km away in all directions. You can see the size and the speed the clouds are moving and plan accordingly. Simple.

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Samui Weather

Last Updated: 24 Oct 2007

The weather found in Koh Samui is the typical tropical weather. There are three distinct seasons prevalent in Koh Samui; hot, rainy and dry seasons. The main reason for the different types of hot and humid climatic condition in Samui is because of the many geographic variations found in Thailand. the geography ... read more.