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Koh Samui Weather | The climatic conditions of Samui

The weather found in Koh Samui is the typical tropical weather. There are three distinct seasons prevalent in Koh Samui; hot, rainy and dry seasons. The main reason for the different types of hot and humid climatic condition in Samui is because of the many geographic variations found in Thailand. the geography here ranges from mountains in the central part of Samui to the coastal beaches.

It rains throughout the year in Samui

It is because of the dense tropical forest found in Koh Samui that you can expect some rain anytime you are in Samui. However though it is possible to have rain throughout the year in Samui, there tends to be heavier and more consistent rain here in the months of October to mid December.

You know when it is the dry season in Koh Samui when the rain tends to stop, and you find plants growing wild and beautiful. The Tha´s usually refer to this season, or time of the year to be their winter. This winter of Samui usually has a temperature of 30C, and is rather sunny. This season runs through the months of mid December all the way through March.

Be ready for the heat of Samui

And once the dry season has lapsed, and the grounds of Samui show signs of lack of rain while sands dust the road, you find the start of the hot season. This is the time of the year in Samui when the over head tropical sun is much brighter and hotter than usual. You however get to enjoy most of the tropical fruits in this season as this is the season all these tropical fruits start ripening. This season starts somewhere in April and lasts till the rains start once again, in the months of September or October.

Last Updated: 24 Oct 2007