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Take Thai hospitality, friendliness and ancient knowledge of massage treatments. Then add Swiss professionalism, reliability and management skills. And finally create a spa in Thailand. The result is Ban Sabai Spa on Koh Samui.Although Ban Sabai isn't Samui's only spa with a seaside location, it's the only one that really encapsulates the island's unspoilt, tropical beach environment.This unique 'health & wellness' centre is found on the western end of Big Buddha Beach - one of Samui most picturesque. And even from the road itself, it's visually attractive, with its huge, ornately-carved entrance gate creating an impressive façade. But it's once you enter the grounds themselves that the sheer beauty of the place becomes apparent.From the moment you pass through the gateway, you feel like you've entered a secret garden. Aromatic tropical plants springing up from everywhere; carp-filled lily-ponds spanned by sandstone bridges; terra-cotta Buddha images placed here and there; traditional Thai-style salas and houses dotted around, and the ever-present sound of the surf - just meters away.
And even as you're welcomed, and seated with a cup of ginger tea looking through the extensive list of services, you become aware of the myriad of small touches that add to the magic of Ban Sabai: the sounds of wind-chimes, barely audible, drifting through the air; jossticks and sweet-smelling oil burners exuding exotic, oriental aromas; and a wealth of antique art and artifacts that's literally everywhere. Just about every pampering or therapeutic service is available. From traditional Thai massages through to complete full-day packages with steam baths, Jacuzzis, facials, body-wraps and aromatherapy oil massages, it's all here. And you get to choose where many of the services take place. There are private, open-air, beachside salas for many of the massage and oil treatments, and cool stone rooms for the body-wraps and ocean-showers. Or you can be really opulent, and have your treatments in one of the 2 classical wooden Thai houses that can be secured for a full or half day.
Each of these fabulous old homes comes complete with beds, bathroom, sea view balcony, and just about everything else you might need for a totally private day of decadence. One of them even has its own Jacuzzi, while both have open-air bathtubs. And it's there that you can luxuriate in aromatic bath-salts and really relax. This is total indulgence!