Banana Fan Sea Resort


Banana Fan Sea Resort

Overview of Banana Fan Sea Resort

Find true romance at Banana Sea Fan, popular for weddings, honeymoons and with anyone seeking a tropical idyll. Located on white sandy Chaweng Beach where gentle breezes fan swaying palms, you will find beauty, privacy and a very special kind of peace.

All of our bungalows offer luxurious amenities and spacious terraces. For a special indulgence why not treat yourself to one of our exclusive beachfront Jacuzzi bungalows?
Take cooling dips in our luxury swimming pool, or enjoy pass lazy hours reclining poolside. Feel the warm sand beneath your feet as you stroll along Chaweng Beach. In a few minutes you will come to trendy Chaweng Town that bustles with quaint shops, colourful markets, eateries and an international nightlife.
Dine at our wonderful beachfront Baitong Restaurant. Mornings begin with sumptuous breakfasts and your choice of tea and coffee as you gaze at the sunís reflection on the blue ocean waters. From lunchtime through until magical nights choose from fine Thai and international dishes. Share intimate meals with your loved one as you raise a glass of wine or expertly mixed cocktail.
Chill out with the ultimate pampering Thai massage. All of your senses will delight as skilled hands work their magic as you stretch out in the open air. And of course we can help you to plan your dream beach wedding and honeymoon. Personalise every detail from garlands and ceremony to beauty preparations and reception banquet.
All the wonders of Koh Samui are within easy reach, from watersports and cruises to wildlife tours and jungle treks. So what are you waiting for? Follow your heart and come join us at Baan Talay.

Rooms of Banana Fan Sea Resort

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THB 3,224 / night

THB 4,404 / night

THB 5,165 / night

THB 5,165 / night

THB 6,286 / night

THB 6,662 / night

THB 6,736 / night

THB 7,185 / night

THB 8,233 / night

THB 8,531 / night

THB 9,430 / night

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